1985 BMW K100RS Motorcycle SOLD! :: $2400

Strong & Sturdy  BMW K100RS

983cc, horizontal 4-cylinder, 8-valve, dual-cam, liquid cooled, fuel injected, with electronic ignition, 5-speed trans, disk brakes
Originally advertised as 'the gentleman's sport-touring machine', it is smooth and strong and fast.  And reliable.

I rode this 19-year-old 'K-bike' for three years, 11,000 miles, mostly commuting.  Total mileage is 31,500.  I was the third owner.

This 'brick' engine is legendary for long, reliable life.  Bikes just like this one are still on the road with over 300,000 miles on the clock!
Internet support (as well as dealer support) is still very strong.
See http://www.ibmwr.org/ktech.shtml for everything anyone needs to know about keeping the K on the road.


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Located in East Bay (Berkeley / Walnut Creek)
Sold: 11 april 2004